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Summer Vacations!

Tis the time of year for vacations! Do you have any planned?? I have been surfing, from my couch, online, about some really great vacation spots. We won't be doing any vacationing this year, but it's always good to have ideas for years to come. There are so many places to go for summer trips, it's hard to just choose one. Where ever we decide to go next year, I want it to make sure the kids get some culture and learn some of that location's history.

Since we are staying home this summer, we have tons of summer activities and learning planned. Below are some of the crafts and such we will be doing over the next few months :) If you have any ideas or tips, please send them our way :)

A few of these ideas are from Lori over at Moms by Heart. She has a whole segment done of "Staycations", and I love pretty much all of them :)

Recycled Crayons

My oldest's first year of school was this last fall, and he came home with a ton of crayons broke and wore to a nub. This is a great idea and super fun for the kids. These she made with a pretzel mold, but you can use just about any mold you want. 

See the step-by-step directions HERE

Who doesn't like sticky, gooey goodness???

See the step-by-step directions HERE

Sandpaper Art

This looks like so much fun, I will have to find someone who actually owns an iron still :)

See the step-by-step directions HERE

There is a few to get you started! As I find more, I will post them, or if I get creative on my own (LOL) I will share those, too. 


Media veg-out Day!

Every now and again, you just need a veg-out day. Ours was yesterday. The temp never got any higher than 60 degrees and the wind was in the 40mph range. Swimming was out of the question, and our Monday library trip was postponed till today, daddy had to work :( So we turned on NetFlix , charged the hand-held video game and got the kid's computer games installed. It was kind of nice to not really do anything, we have been pretty busy this summer so far, with swimming, hiking, library visits, bbqs and evening walks. My oldest hadn't played his video games in quite awhile and so that was his main activity for the day and the princess got to watch old cartoons (old as in She-Ra!). My youngest however is not so easily entertained, he ran around the house and was his crazy little self :)

Sometimes the cold weather is just what we need. This last week I had been craving chili, which isn't always on the summer menu in our house. with the chilly weather blowing through, I got my chili last night! I make my chili a little different, the kids and hubby do not like beans :( I know, boo on them! So instead I put potatoes in my chili. It's so good that I almost prefer it over the traditional bean version, I said almost :) But the main thing is the kids will eat it and that's a big plus. Today though we will have better weather and more things to get done outside the house. Which I hope means the kids will go to bed a little earlier than they did last night :)


Summer break is here!

It's here! Yesterday was my son's last day of kindergarten! He is sooo excited to be out of school, and to be an official 1st grader now ;)  However, I am not so excited. Now he is my best behaved kid, when he is not fighting or rough housing with his sister and brother. My days are crazy enough with the two younger, add a third and the crazy level surpasses the insanity mark. Luckily, our apartment complex has a swimming pool! So that means I went snooping for pool stuff :) I found a ton of things over at, they have EVERYTHING! I found some awesome foam pool floats. However the one thing I really wanted that I found, was a inflatable couch! Was it is that making something inflatable, makes it ten times more fun :)  I am pretty sure the kids swim suits all fit, and I think I can still wear mine from last year, thats the part I'm not looking forward to. Just the thought of playing in the pool and getting all the wonderful sun, makes me smile :)

To keep my big guy busy this year, I have been compiling a list of activities to do. So far on the list, hiking, and going to the park are most requested by the kids, well of course swimming is #1. We do plan on bowling this year, and I would like to get the kids more involved with sports. My oldest gets to play basketball and kickball at school, but I think he would love to play baseball. He almost got to watch a game with the rest of his school a few weeks ago, but the game got rained out before it even got started. Our local team plays a lot of home games and tickets are pretty reasonable so I'm sure we will take him again. I also started looking for baseball equipment, and again I found myself checking out . I did say they had EVERYTHING, didn't I? I found some really nice baseball bats, such as the Easton SV12. I don't think my guy is ready for anything quite this deluxe, but eventually he might be :) Or maybe we will try golf....or fencing...or even maybe karate......

And of course, whatever it may be that we end up doing this summer, I will share with you the crazy antics, moments and stunts my kids decide to entertain us with. :) Let me know what you have planned for this summer, or your suggestions for us :)


The Dinosaur Research Center Trip!

We finally made it to the Dinosaur Center in Woodland Park, CO! Now there is major hype over this place, they advertise and boost this place everywhere down here in CSP. However, for the price we paid for Chris and I to get in (kids were free) was not justified for the amount of time spent there or the things we did or seen. Don't get me wrong, we had fun and the kids loved it, but the place is small compared to what you hear about it, and there isn't much to do. I do believe we spent more time in the gift shop than we did seeing the exhibits. The bones were very neat and well displayed. They have a "play" area for the kids to make fossil rubbings on paper, put dinosaur shaped magnets together and boxes that you reach your hands into to dust 'bones' off with paint brushes. I had planned on spending several hours there letting the kids play and discover, we left after seeing everything, which was an hour. Maybe if we had older kids and took the tour it would have been longer, but my kids have no desire to listen to me talk, let alone a stranger. We had fun, kids wore themselves out and now we can put it down as a activity we have accomplished. But I don't plan on making it back anytime soon :( I did take quite a few pictures to share with you :)
The fam!

This guy was hanging above us and is the size of a tank!

The box of bones

The under water dinos

Parker though he could touch it through the glass :)

Time to go home :(


Craziness and coupons!

AHHH! Life has been soooo crazy lately! I recently started couponing, and not just some here and there, I haven't quite got to the "extreme" point yet, but hopefully soon :) It's a lot of fun clipping, and saving, but it is also VERY time consuming. This is the reason I haven't been on here posting as much as I would have liked to. But, now that I have more of a system down for my coupon-clipping-organizing-shopping habit, I will be posting more :) So far I have saved my family hundreds of dollars over the last month and a half with just clipping coupons and watching the ads, so time well spent.  I am also in the process of getting a group together that would like to swap coupons with each other. I have a blog I'm setting up, My Coupon Fetish, when it's done I will post it here. If you are interested in being a part of that, visit my contact page and let me know. 

It is now the middle of May, which means that school will be ending soon! I am in NEED of projects to do with my kiddos. We will be doing a lot of outdoors things, but nice to have indoors activities, too. And, as always, I will post and share with you everything we do this summer. I would love to have your suggestions on both outdoor and indoor activities! And if you are a blogger, you can be a guest writer, and tell us all about your summer plans. So please stop over to my contact page and  let me know what your best ideas on projects and/or if you would like to be a guest writer!


Spring Break....finally over!

Well, spring break is almost over, the kids go back Monday. And guess what! I survived! Thanks to many crafts and activities.....and some family members :) Here are a few things we made this last week.

Home made anti-skid socks :)

Shoe-String Bracelets

And some ceramic bugs! They started out colorful.......

Kids had a blast, though I need to find something my youngest can do next time. But my big kids are very good at letting him "help" :)
Now that I have made it through Spring Break, I'm sure summer will be easy.....LOL.


Spring Break! Recipes, Crafts & Activities to help keep sane

Spring Break started for my kids yesterday, and so to keep some of my sanity for the next week, we will be doing crafts and some cooking along with going to the park and on hikes :) Here is just a few to get started with, as we do them I will post more.


Hairy Hot Dogs

Find the recipe over at my other site, Lori's Recipe Finds, but these are pretty simple :)

Home Made Donuts

Super simple and fun! Check out the recipe over at Lori's Recipe Finds or Serious Eats

Potato Bites

A favorite in my house, and great for little fingers :) Find the recipe at Lori's Recipe Finds

Well I feel a little better about going into Spring Break prepared now :)

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