Bad kid day

                         Today was by far the worst day in the week for child behavior. Not sure what was causing this bout of vicious lashing out, but I have had my fill of it. My poor TV has been turned off and on more times today than I think it ever has in the last four years we have owned it. Parker, my youngest, decided that every time I turned around, to click the button, run to the couch and giggle while I stomped in and scolded him. I don't think anything is as irritating as a child giggling while you are past the point of upset with them. Some parents, I'm sure, find this a great cue to calm down and see the humor in it, not me. Between the TV trouble and then Kairi running around in circles, literally, I am glad my day is coming to an end. However my end is not without more chaos and total irritation. We where fortunate enough to get a kitchen table today, that is round, something I have wanted for a while now. So my task for the day was to find our old one a new home, sigh. After being told, by more than one person, that they would come and take it, here sits my old table underneath my computer, sigh. The newest plan, someone who works near hubby will get it tomorrow. This plan however takes the table out of our apartment tomorrow morning and into my hubby truck to take to work with him. Issues with this plan- 1. Makes it really difficult for me to help carry it down when I have three kids running around and no one to watch them. 2. This leaves me with no table for the kids to eat at. 3. well right now I don't have a third, the first two are enough and I'm sure I'll think of more reasons I don't care for it. However it does get it out of the apartment so that the other one can come in. The "new" table is in my parents garage awaiting it's new home.

                        The battle of bedtime with the youngest is still raging. I do remember doing this with the other two, however it makes it no easier to do it a third time. At least last night he did stay in his bed all night, waking only once to get his pacifier, aka binky, another battle I am tragically losing. My list of conquests, in order of importance, 1. GO to sleep in toddler bed by himself, 2. Lose the binky, 3. Potty train.. I thought long and hard about the last two, which to do first, then the vision of me fishing the binky out of dirty toilet water popped in my head and the decision was made, binky goes first.

                        More experimenting in the kitchen was done today. The recipes will be posted shortly. I was productive and got two loaves of bread made, one of which is already been devoured. The rapid rate of consumption of bread in my house was one of the main reasons I started making my own. In the first week I started, I went through ten pounds of flour. I made loaves upon loaves, everything from plain white bread to cinnamon and fruit loaves. I haven't stopped since, I love it.

                    I am currently being pulled at by my youngest, Parker. Guessing it is time for bed, finally :) Oh what will tomorrow bring???

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