10 things I bet you did know about me!!!

Cancer Personality:

Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer can be one of the most challenging Zodiac signs to get to know. Emotion runs strong for this sign, and when it comes to family and home, nothing is more important. Sympathetic and empathetic, Cancerians are greatly attuned to those around them. Devotion is the keyword for this sign, making them wonderfully sensitive people to be around.

I'm crazy and psycho! But I love it, and so does my family, because so are they! My Kids drive me nuts and so does my husband, but I wouldn't trade all the chaos for anything. I love to help people and make them happy. But don't make me mad, I can be very nasty when I want to be ;)


My oldest, Matt, is the sweetest kid ever. He is also a drama queen, some days more so than his little sister or mom.  He is my special little guy and even though he caused so much chaos in our lives early on, it was soooooo worth it all. When he was 2yrs old, he was diagnosed with Epilepsy. After months of battling seizures and meds, things settled down after his sister was born, and now is about 18months seizure/med free! It taught us alot and prepared us for just about anything, or at least I'd like to think so. He is a super smart kid and excels in everything he does.  

This is my Princess, and heir to the craziness, Kairi. She makes life very, very interesting. She has momma's attitude and Auntie's sassy-ness.  She ruled the roast when she was born, and for the most part still does. Princess anything and cars are her two fav things in the world. But her Nana is her bestie :) Her crazy sayings and antics keep us all laughing and sometimes gasping. 

This is the last of my clan, Parker. He is nothing like his brother or sister. The mold was broke after this one, THANK GOODNESS!  He is crazier than the other two put together. He gets into and does things the older ones don't even think of doing now. But he is a momma's boy and probably will always be. He gives the best hugs and kisses, even if they are too tight and really sloppy, wet and chocolatey. 

And the man that helped me start this mess of crazies, Chris. We have been together since I was seventeen (2000) and married since 2001. I haven't decided who is worse, him or the kids, the ranks change on an hourly basis. But he has been there through thick and thin and usually does pretty good at keeping me happy. I love you , babe :)

Well that is the meat and potatoes of it all, the rest is just gravy, spilling and staining everything :)

Thanks for stopping by :)
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