Starting off...

              Here is the start of it all. We are currently living in Colorado, and there are five of us, Chris- dad, Matt, Kairi, Parker, and myself, Lori. Right now I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), Matt is in kindergarten and Kairi goes twice a week for "preschool".  We moved back to Colorado in September 2010 from Nebraska. I am so glad to be back where I have family and friends and things to go do. I have recently took up baking breads and other goodies, and more experimenting in the kitchen. Being home ninety percent of my time does make it easier to accommodate a few hobbies.

              I started blogging recipes I found while searching the web, and so far it has been a success, so now I will try my hand at the everyday blogging. Not only would I like to share with you the  riveting, and typically hilarious, things my family does, I plan on share recipes and mom tips as well.  My days are usually jam packed with quirks from my munchkins, hubby and myself, so I promise you all very good reads.

                The hot topic in our house right now is the "Princess Squirrel". This little squirrel has captured the hearts of everyone in my family. "She" comes by every morning to our fourth floor apartment balcony to receive her daily treats.  However a few days ago I was out breaking her bread up, when  I happened to turn around and see several squirrels patiently waiting for me to return inside, Princess Squirrel has a few friends.  I will share the story of our beloved Princess Squirrel. A few months ago my daughter, Kairi, spotted this furry, scurrier, coming down the side of the roof, and proclaimed the creature to be HER Princess Squirrel, also in the same breath demanded that her new pet receive a princess crown and dress. Needless to say, the little gal has never actually got her dress or crown, but still remains the Princess. So for the last few months it has been a running joke in, and out of, the house that we have a royal squirrel. However it wasn't until very recent that our balcony became a direct path for the little one. I had made a batch of peanut butter and chocolate goodies that needed to be cooled, and so to the balcony I went with the trays, the temp outside was perfect for the chocolate to setup. While I was on the computer, I caught a glimpse of the, we will call her PS, out on our ledge. I thought as first, how cute, she's visiting, only to remember that I had treats outside. I rushed over to rescue my goodies, which did not phase PS, she simply watched for me to drop some. So after she returned later that day in search of food, we decided to give her a dinner roll. Now we have royal, pet squirrel and her loyal following of both human and furry friends.

                     My youngest, Parker- 20months, has decided that he longer wants to stay in his crib. So this past Saturday, our project was getting him into a toddler bed. After major rearranging, and a few tears,  he is in my oldest's, Matt- 6yrs, car bed. It has been two nights and so far so good with the nights. Nap time and getting him to sleep is still the new challenge. He by far is the most mischievous child I have, and to just put him in bed and hope that he will just fall asleep is no where in any of my cards. The drama of that will last through a few weeks, I'm sure. :)


Overwhelmed Mommy said...

Aww Lori that squirrel story is cute! I have a squirrel story too lol. Ayden thinks every squirrel he sees is Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob. Every time he sees one he goes "Sandy over here! Come here Sandy I want to see you!" Its so cute. THen he will be like mom I saw Sandy and she didnt want me. LOL.

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Good luck with this blog. I love the recipe one and I look forward to the craziness.

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