Laundry Day

The day dreaded by all moms (and women). I do mine over at my mom's house. The laundry room at the apartment sucks and cost to dang much. My mom has a nice washer and dryer set and the kids can run around and I can catch up on all my shows that I missed, mom has Direct TV and records them all. Today, however, I had promised my little sister, that I would help her clean her room, go through her clothes and clean the carpets. Mission accomplished! It looked super nice when we were done and she has a ton of clothes to trade in at XS Threadz (used clothing store that takes trade ins).  She got rid of shoes, sweat-shirts, t-shirts, purses, and belts. We even rearranged a little. Wishing now we had taken before and after pics though :) Funny thing, we were digging for her extra purses in the under stairs closet and came across a container from Christmas. It was full of Christmas cookies, ones we had made a week or two before Christmas :/ Surprising enough, they weren't moldy or dried out! Mom is a work-a-holic and tends to forget things like that. I'm sure they were set in there to be out of small hands reach.

 I did get some pics of the "zoo" there. My mom loves animals, cats especially. Toad is her oldest, he is now a very loving and social cat, he used to be only partial to my mom, she's Mom! They also have GG, the muppet, she has hair between her toes, she's super petite and way fluffy, and loves my sister. Then there is Blanca, or as she is more commonly known "F*!@& Cat", this cat is a greasy, white, ferret looking cat, that can never be caught. Blanca also is known for her "cat delivery", this is where she runs toward the door and lunges toward it, hitting the window and sliding down, claws out and screeching as she slides., (now you understand the nickname). Last of the furry kind, is mine, Mew Mew. Long story how he came to live with them, but eventually he will be coming home, I miss him a lot! She also has frogs, fish and a parrot, Sunny. Better known as The Bird, Sunny is a loud and usually, obnoxious nuisance. He screeches instead of talking. He is a Sun Conure Parrot, and used to have a mate, she passed away a few years ago. He doesn't like my sister or me, or small kids.

I have had a tooth ache now since Tuesday. So when it starts getting really bad I have pain meds and they make me super tired and loopy. They are kicking in right now, so I am off to bed :)


Rumtruffle said...

It's amazing what you can find when having a clear out, the best I came across was a £10 note in my sons dressing gown! Glad we found it and not the clothing bin sorters x

Kortney said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by Kortney's Krazy Life! I am following you back! Have a great evening!

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