On the mend

Today was a good day, well at least this morning was good. The oldest is being great about taking his medicine for his ear infection :( and the two younger ones are getting over their "colds" pretty quick. Parker is up and running around, getting into everything that catches his eye, the coughing is still there, but the runny nose is gone. Kairi is still coughing, and has developed a new symptom, total diva attitude. She has always been....vocal about what she wants, and doesn't, but this last week, she has went from three year old princess to a sixteen year old brat. I don't know that I have ever had so much sassy-ness thrown at me in my entire life. Needless to say, she has been spending a large quantity of time in her room, in bed. Everything from hitting her brothers, to telling me what she thinks, which is more than usual. I was also told today that "I don't like you anymore". I know, I know, she won't like me again till she's maybe five and then again 'hate' me from ages twelve to twenty-one. I can live with it, for now.

I was feeling so good this morning, that I was set to clean and bake and do all sorts of Donna Reed things. That lasted almost till ten. As the kids started in on rearranging my kitchen table's chairs into the living room and the constant clicking of the TV's on/off button, my day slipped slowly into the rut it usually is in. But I did get most of my cleaning done (hey the microwave is spotless, what more do you want?) and I managed to bake two loaves of bread :) Two of my favs, cheesey olive bread and cranberry swirl. They both came out so fab, I think I will freeze one of them, so that I don't eat both loaves tonight ;)

I did get a Valentine's Day surprise, today! Hubby left this little guy in the passenger seat of my car. Yeah, I did tell him that he could get it for me, we where walking through the store, he spotted it and harassed me that he was going to get me it for Vday :) I actually like him, and now I can join my kids with theirs during movie time :)


Alicia Stucky said...

That cranberry swirl looks freaking delicious! lol I'll have to try it :-)

mi3centsworth said...

Glad that your lil ones are on the mend. I sure understand the falling back into the same old rut, but as long as you accomplished some things you wanted to, it's all good. Have a GREAT day.

Stacey said...

Thanks for following my blog!
Following back now!

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Hi! Love your blog. Your kids sound like a fun handful and that bread looks delicious!

Denise said...

I love your blog so I have awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award! Check it out on my page.

ThaiHoa said...

I love the picture of your little girl on the phone and pushing the cart. She definitely is a DIVA in the making!

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