Crazy , Crazy, crazy! But you already knew that ;) Well I started my Just Weight journey, and doing really well at remembering that I needed to take pics. I also have a few more people who joined me! Which is super exciting. However I caught a stupid cold Monday and for some reason ate more Tuesday, probably because I wasn't doing anything else, because I felt like crud. But today is Wednesday and I am feeling better, not perfect, but enough to be able to take and pick up kids from school again and make dinner. Doesn't mean I want to, but those are part f my 'mom' duties. Speaking of 'mom' duties, do you have a set of duties that only mom does? In my house, I have several, laundry, dishes, and cooking. Most of these things I won't let hubby do. The laundry, well we all know what can happen there and it has, many times. Dishes I take care of, mainly because things get put in the dishwasher that shouldn't be, or dishes come out not clean. And cooking I prefer to do, my motto is, "Let me make the mess, since I am the one who is going to clean it anyway." That doesn't leave too much for hubs to do after work or on the weekends. However I find myself doing all the other things, too. I'm not saying that when he comes home he needs to clean everything, but keeping up after yourself would be nice. Not leaving dirty clothes on the floor, or half full cups of stuff sitting in the living room waiting to be spilled. Puzzle for me is, how do you nag without making it sound or appear to be nagging? It's little things that if I keep my mouth shut for too long, I burst and then the little things become one big thing. But if I 'nag' about them then there's tension all the time. What to do when 'daddy' duties are slacking? Can you bribe them like you do the kids, or punish like the kids?


Jackeigh said...

The only thing that I know that you could bribe the husband with would be, well, you know, what got you those beautiful little ones with in the first place...lol. Same with the punishment. Just not offering up "that" reward. Not sure how these would turn out, but hey, it is worth a try I think.
I know all too well about the hubby not pulling his weight at the house. The occassional shirt on the floor or glass left on the end table is ok, but when it becomes an everyday thing, it gets old quick. You don't feel like a wife any longer, you quickly start to feel like a maid.
Just found your blog today! Love it!

Centsational Saver said...

Either ask him matter of fact and specifically to do a task or make a joke out of it. "Can you please put your glass in the sink" or "I think it's so sexy when you put your glass in the sink" is making the point without conflict. Honestly men are so big picture that they don't notice the mess and it doesn't bother them. It's easier to ask nicely than to stew about it until you blow up at him.

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ThaiHoa said...

mmm, girl I know how you feel. Mom duties? I do it all except mow the lawn! I always tell people i have two children because not am I only picking up after a 13months old but a 35 year old man too!

Anonymous said...

If asking my husband directly won't work..I bribe him...just like one of the kids. :)

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I Am Not Superwoman said...

Can so relate. My husband and I just had a conversation about all the little things yesterday. Newest follower from blog hop. Hope you can check out my blog and follow back. Enter in for the $110.00 CASH giveaway. Click on button on main page to take you to the post.

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