Celebrate the Month of March!!

Did you Know? March was named for the Roman God "Mars"

 Here are some of the National Awarenesses for March and a few "Why?" awarenesses. :)

Info came from Holiday Insights & Quamada

Now there are days in March that have their very own celebrations :) Yep I have them all here!
No didn't forget the 5th ;)

For more crazy holidays and absurd awareness days, visit  Holiday Insights & Quamada


Jeannette said...

Too funny - I want that calendar. I'm your newerst follower from Tailspin blog hop. Check out my blog at www.myadventureinmommyhood.blogspot.com!


Darcy said...

Wowza! March is one busy month. Today is peanut butter lovers day, hm? No wonder I just had to have PB toast this morning!

Following back on GFC
Thanks for linking up to our new monthly blog hop ~ Tailspin Hop!

~Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery~

Hannah said...

Your blog makes me smile :) following you GFC from bloggymoms.


ThaiHoa said...

That was hilarious!

Emma Major said...

love it

I am a new follower linked from Tail Spin Hop, lovely to meet you. http://majorloveoffilm.blogspot.com and http://llmcalling.blogspot.com

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