Just Weight - Week 2!

Welcome to week 2 of our crazy journey!Another crazy week has passed, and so has more food :)

We have added a few new people to our group! Which is super awesome, some don't have pictures up yet, and others are still getting the hang of taking ALL those pictures :) 

Next week could be scary, it's the dreaded Spring Break for my kids and that could mean more stress and more eating :/ Let's hope that I can keep them and myself busy enough. We have tons of activities planned along with some crafts and a few kid-friendly recipes :) If you keep checking back, I will be posting all the stuff we are doing this next week!

Week 2
Visit Just Weight to find out which food belongs to who :)

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Amy said...

found your blog on bloggy moms group networked blogs...following the chronicles ~I like ~cause I'm a crazy mom too! :-) MOMmetime http://mommetime.com/

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