Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mama, mama, mama, mommy, mommy, mommy....MOMMY!

Why is it that, no matter how many times you say "Yes", "What", "No" or anything else in response to the "mom, mom, mom...etc" ramblings, you only get more "mom"s? My youngest is the phase of repeating one word a thousand times in a second. "Mom" happens to be the most popular word :) As flattered as I am, to have so many people love me and want me, I am sooooo tired of hearing the word, even my husband calls me "Mom" seventy-five percent of the time!

I was reminded today, when picking up my daughter from MMO (Mommy's Morning Out), that next week is spring break for my kids school :( I love my kids and I love them going to school :) So this week I will be trying to cram as much productivity into my schedule as I can. And part of that productivity, will be finding things for my kids to do during the week off. Crafts, coloring, park-going , cooking, etc.. However, even with all the planning and activities, I know they will end up driving me nuts.  But I will be posting about all the things we do and make :) And I also will be taking suggestions for things for us to do. Any crafts, recipes or games are welcomed :)

This week, St. Patrick's Day is Thursday! I know, you probably already knew that :) But I bet you didn't know that my other blog, Lori's Recipe Finds, will be featuring ALL St. Patty's recipes! If you would like one of yours, or know of a really good one, featured, share it with me and I will get it posted this week :)

And, as always, check out Just Weight. The first week of photos are up on the site. You can also join us in the journey at anytime! You don't have to start on a Sunday and it's ok if you miss a few pics here and there :)



sophieandmomma said...

Showing LOVE :)
Thanks so much for mentioning the St. Patty's recipes--i will be sure to visit her site!
I am a new GFC follower from the Monday mom blog hops--i would love it if you checked my site too!

I video recorded my daughter saying "mom ma ma ma" for about 5 minutes? she was saying it about 10 minutes before I finally got the camera ready to video record!

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

we are on spring break this week! :)

I feel your pain in regards to the word "mommy" over & over again - it's the same at my house! lol!

BTW, I have tons of crafts & activities over on my blog that you can check out - see if anything strikes you as usuable with your kiddos!

Bernadette - new follower via mama Monday

Nicole Renee said...

I never thought to do St. Patty's day recipes, we make candies but I am going to have to expand our eats this year!

Following you from the Monday Hop...feel free to stop by http://www.themommyway.blogspot.com

Graphoniac said...

Oh, I could SO go a day without hearing my name. My daughter is two, and apparently deaf. No matter what I say, she continues repeating my name and her demand for whatever until the demanded thing is in hand. Just one day of silence sounds really refreshing...

I found your blog through the Monday Mingle, and am now following. Follow back?


Have a great day!

ThaiHoa said...

Good luck with spring break. My sister-n-law just told me Saturday about the "mommy, mom, mommy, mommy mommy, moooommm, mommy" issue.

krystyn said...

Omg this is so funny! I feel the same way... But mine dont even go to school yet!!!

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