The Dinosaur Research Center Trip!

We finally made it to the Dinosaur Center in Woodland Park, CO! Now there is major hype over this place, they advertise and boost this place everywhere down here in CSP. However, for the price we paid for Chris and I to get in (kids were free) was not justified for the amount of time spent there or the things we did or seen. Don't get me wrong, we had fun and the kids loved it, but the place is small compared to what you hear about it, and there isn't much to do. I do believe we spent more time in the gift shop than we did seeing the exhibits. The bones were very neat and well displayed. They have a "play" area for the kids to make fossil rubbings on paper, put dinosaur shaped magnets together and boxes that you reach your hands into to dust 'bones' off with paint brushes. I had planned on spending several hours there letting the kids play and discover, we left after seeing everything, which was an hour. Maybe if we had older kids and took the tour it would have been longer, but my kids have no desire to listen to me talk, let alone a stranger. We had fun, kids wore themselves out and now we can put it down as a activity we have accomplished. But I don't plan on making it back anytime soon :( I did take quite a few pictures to share with you :)
The fam!

This guy was hanging above us and is the size of a tank!

The box of bones

The under water dinos

Parker though he could touch it through the glass :)

Time to go home :(


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your kids look like they had so much fun. We are lucky to have a large dinosaur museum about 20 minutes away. It's worth a season pass to us because there's such many extra things to do.

Kelly L said...

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