Summer break is here!

It's here! Yesterday was my son's last day of kindergarten! He is sooo excited to be out of school, and to be an official 1st grader now ;)  However, I am not so excited. Now he is my best behaved kid, when he is not fighting or rough housing with his sister and brother. My days are crazy enough with the two younger, add a third and the crazy level surpasses the insanity mark. Luckily, our apartment complex has a swimming pool! So that means I went snooping for pool stuff :) I found a ton of things over at Become.com, they have EVERYTHING! I found some awesome foam pool floats. However the one thing I really wanted that I found, was a inflatable couch! Was it is that making something inflatable, makes it ten times more fun :)  I am pretty sure the kids swim suits all fit, and I think I can still wear mine from last year, thats the part I'm not looking forward to. Just the thought of playing in the pool and getting all the wonderful sun, makes me smile :)

To keep my big guy busy this year, I have been compiling a list of activities to do. So far on the list, hiking, and going to the park are most requested by the kids, well of course swimming is #1. We do plan on bowling this year, and I would like to get the kids more involved with sports. My oldest gets to play basketball and kickball at school, but I think he would love to play baseball. He almost got to watch a game with the rest of his school a few weeks ago, but the game got rained out before it even got started. Our local team plays a lot of home games and tickets are pretty reasonable so I'm sure we will take him again. I also started looking for baseball equipment, and again I found myself checking out Become.com . I did say they had EVERYTHING, didn't I? I found some really nice baseball bats, such as the Easton SV12. I don't think my guy is ready for anything quite this deluxe, but eventually he might be :) Or maybe we will try golf....or fencing...or even maybe karate......

And of course, whatever it may be that we end up doing this summer, I will share with you the crazy antics, moments and stunts my kids decide to entertain us with. :) Let me know what you have planned for this summer, or your suggestions for us :)

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Michelle said...

Off to check out your inflatables that you found now!!

These are our summer plans!


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