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Wednesday, again?!? 

Welcome to "Who in the World? Wednesday" Blog hop. Your host are Chronicles of a crazy mom, The Coupon Cutie and Mommy Does. Don't forget to grab our button and share us, too, the more the merrier! 

Featured Host 5/18/11

A little about Kaui: My name is Kaui (cow-ee) and I'm a happy SAHM of two beautiful kiddos.  My husband is my soul mate who has made the military his passion and as his wife i support and honor all that he does, which means that the military has become my best friend.  I also love a great deal so I have combined my three passions of being thrifty, a mommy, and a military wife all into one lovely blog.  My goal is to reach out to and support all who are military as well as inform the world of all things thrifty.  Oh yeah, and I like to use blogging as a tool to help me stay sane while raising kids and maintaining our household, so I often write updates on our little family.

Visit Kaui by clicking the #16 link below :)

Chronicles of a crazy mom


Shana said...

Hi! Thanks for the blog hop! Following you. Would love it if you 'like' my page: www.facebook.com/flightlessgoose

Christel Trulson said...

Thanks for the blog hop. Just getting into the world of blogging, very interesting things to read!!

Adventures as a Small Town Mom said...

Thanks for hosting!

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