MMO and family night

    MMO day! "Mommy's Morning Out", morning preschool for my daughter, which gives me about two and half hours with only one kid in the house. You'd think that this would be wonderful, easy, and a break, no where near. My youngest has become so accustomed to having his sister with him during the day, that when it comes to being alone, he  refuses naps, and finds stuff to get into that I didn't even know existed. My attempts to be productive only resulted in bigger messes to clean behind me. He started to rub his eyes and 'nest' on the couch, so I thought maybe a nice drive would put him to sleep and I would be able to read parked at the school waiting for Kairi to get out. We drove through the park, twice, the once half closed eyes of the munchkin are now as wide as they can be. I did get to stop and take a few pictures of the beautiful dark clouds and snow topped mountains. With the warm sun shining, it was pleasant to get out of the car, till the snow flakes flurried past me and the breeze became bitter. It was time to pick up little girl anyway. 

Later in the evening my parents and sister came over. As the kids ran crazy through the apartment, my mom and I made dinner. We had tuna salad on fresh made bread and a green bean 'casserole'. I will have the recipes up soon :)  because they were AWESOME! 

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