Short two kids!

 Thursday 27th,  2011

WOW! Crazy week! The kids have been driving my insane this week. They have been on constant destruction and chaos mode the last few days.  My mom promised Kairi that she could come spend the night since she was off work tomorrow. And since my MIL (mother-in-law) was "let go" from her job last week, and Matt only goes to school Monday-Thursday, he will be going over there for most of the weekend. The day has dragged on. The fighting and crying has wore me thin and I'm ready for bed at three in the afternoon. However my morning was productive. I got my kitchen back into order, got my 'new' table cleaned up and polished, and the floor was vacuumed at least three times. Once to get what was left from last nights get together, once from the snack the kids decided not to eat and then the popcorn that was lunch, I think that was all. Tomorrow is laundry day, oh yay! So I must get it all together, and ready to go to my parents house :)

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