Laundry Day

Up nice and early to get a head start on my laundry, only to find my mom isn't done with hers. But soon enough i was able to get mine in. It was a nice day, my mom was off and took Kairi to go a few places. I got to catch up on all my TV shows, and that was wonderful.  The weather was beautiful and we got to go to the park too. And take lots of pictures.

Kairi fell head first off the play area and twisted her ankle, cutting the park short. The kids were tired and Parker took a short nap, Kairi relaxed and watched TV. With laundry finally done, the loading and screaming started. Kids and clothes in the car, off to home we go. Kairi went to Oma's, leaving us with only one kid again. Off to bed early and maybe something fun tomorrow :)

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