Bumming around

Mosaics at the park/playground
 Today was a bumming around type of day. We actually got to sleep in past six! The weather at nine was already in the sixties, so out to the park we went. Actually we drove around for quite a bit, and i got to take a few more pictures, then to the playground. I chased Parker up and down the jungle gym, his favorite is the largest slide they have, of course. He played with the couple of kids there, most about his age. The drama came when it was time to go. The worst is a screaming kid, arching their back, while you are trying to shove them in to their carseat. People without kids, I know who you are, you are the ones with dirty looks and inexperienced  comments. Use some common sense, what kids LIKES to leave a playground??? And just like a typical kid, a block away, silence. We bummed around and drove all over, just enjoying the warm breeze through the windows and the sun through the sunroof. Home we go, more bumming around the house. TV, video games, lazying on the couch. But no day goes by that I don't have a task in hand. To my parents house, they went out of town for the evening and the zoo of pets needed caring. The only problem pet they have in their small zoo, is the bird, Sunny. He is a loud, psycho, Sun Conure, that seems to dislike, or even hate, anyone but my mom and sometimes my dad. Him and I have a rocky relationship. A few weeks ago I was asked to uncover him since my mom was running out the door. He had his "words" on the subject and when I bent down to put his cover away, he flew on my back. I tried to get him to get off nicely, he bit me trying to get a better grip, and then when I tapped my shoulder, he latched onto it. Long story short, he spent most of the morning on the kitchen floor awaiting my dad to come home for lunch, since he wouldn't step up on anything my sister and I offered him.  I got lucky and there was a squirt bottle near that I could use to ward him off this time. And I woke the boys, Toad the big white cat and  Mew my fat cat, to get outside.  Fed fish and closed up blinds, home we go.

Mosaics at the park/playground

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