Another week

WOW! Another crazy week! Monday was MMO again, Chris took both kids to school and Auntie Tina brought Kairi home after MMO was over. They must have had a ton of fun, Kairi badly needed a nap! The snow began to fall just before noon. The temp dropped fast, and before we knew it the snow started sticking and the windows began to ice over. Tuesday and Wednesday were SNOW DAYS!! Total chaos has overran the apartment this week. The temps stayed so low that we stayed indoors, but I was able to get out for a few hours yesterday while Matt was at school. I took Parker and Kairi and headed to my mom's to get her and my sister. We went all over town, Salvation Army, found cute pjs for Kai and a scarf for me, then to the Bargain Mart for some cheap groceries and then to Goodwill where we found a couple of adorable purses. We made one last stop at the second location of Bargain Mart, then I was off to the school for Matt. Oh thank heaven for Thursdays, the kids get to go to my inlaws for the weekend, and I got to do laundry with only one kid in tow.  Today i also have a 'date' with Jen. She is taking me to one of her sister's parties. Her sister is a home consultant for many different companies, however I have no clue what tonight's party is for, nor will I know anyone there, should be interesting.

Well I got all the laundry done and home before four! Now to clean the house up since I wasn't in the house most of yesterday :/ But Jen and Kevin will be here at six, Jen and i will go to our party and Kevin and Chris will be playing video games and watching the younger kids of both families.  Will post details of my night out  :)

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