More snow?!?

Last night was so much fun! The party that we attended was a consultant party for Thirty-one. They make purses, totes, organizers, and a plethora of other items, most can be personalized, and in various patterned materials. And I actually knew a few of the people there, Jen's sister-in-law and MIL, both of which, I've known for almost ten years, and the newest edition to their family, Lenea, who is two months today. It was so nice to get out and be among other adults, and talk and laugh. I found so many of the products I wanted, they were all so cute styles and most of them pretty practical. But i was good, and ordered nothing. However, Jen's sister sells Scentsy, and I took her samples box and some order forms and will be buying some of that :) On our way back to my apartment, we stopped and picked up miss Kairi from Oma's house, she was very ready to come home.

Bright and early today, we headed off to the grocery store. Total madness! I know, I know, the "Stupid" Bowl is tomorrow, but still. Power shopping done, we headed off to finish the rest of our errands. It started off relatively nice this morning, the warm sun was out. As I sit now, typing my day away, there is about an inch and half of snow accumulating on my balcony. Typical Colorado, the other side of town has none. We decided with the snow piling up, we would skip church in the morning and leave Matt at Oma's house. However about fifteen minutes ago we got a shocking phone call from my MIL. They had just received news that my FIL's (father-in-law) sister was found dead in her home just a few hours ago.They believe that it was a heart attack, but still awaiting the corner's arrival and final word. She was only fifty-two, but from what I've gathered had a few health problems. This last twenty-four months have been some crazy ones. Marriages, births, deployments, school, homecomings, out of state moves, strokes, and death. I've had my fill of life for awhile, however I know it's not done with me, with us. But with all things, lessons are just around the corner, growth is floating in the air, and change is at our feet. I've learned a lot of lessons, I've grown in many ways and the change will always be there for me to pick up and accept. RIP Aunt Ingrid, I always enjoyed what little time we spent together, and I'm glad I was blessed enough to have known you.

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