As most of you probably know, today was the Superbowl. I'm not a big fan of football, I don't mind watching it, but if I have something else to do, I'll do that first. And I am very thankful that my hubby can be football-less during the season, he'd rather watch racing, which I'm good with. However every Superbowl, we get the snacks and drinks ready, and sit down to enjoy the commercials :) They are by far better than any football game, or half time show. This year there were a few that I just loved, one of which was the VW Darth Vader commercial. I can see my oldest doing this, mainly because he usually has a cape and batman mask on, running around saving toys.  But the best commercials we seen, were our local news station crew (I'll share them with you if I can ever find them online). We were sorta cheering for Green Bay, I guess because we know sooo many people from there, that there shows how much I care about football. We had some great snacks though and had a blast watching the game.

My parents headed over later in the evening. I have a sampler of scents from Scentsy, and my mom and sister, wanted to come smell and order. The kids were super excited to see my parents. Matt however caught a cold while over at my MIL's for the weekend, no school for him tomorrow. The weather tomorrow is going to descent in the morning, but we are supposed to get more snow in the evening. I don't mind the snow, just hate traveling in it. 

Tomorrow I will be experimenting with bread :) maybe some peanut butter bread, and/or cinnamon raisin, mmmm and maybe some others.  Maybe even get a little frisky with dinner and I get something really yummy made :)



Chunky Knubby Navel said...

Superbowl parties are the best! The food is always amazing. And if you don't like football, the commercials are ALWAYS worth watching, right? =)


Anonymous said...

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