A day with my Dad and Sister :)

This last Sunday I spent the day with my Dad and my younger sister, Tina. My mom works in Castle Rock, and so they spend Sundays, typically, bumming around there and Denver. Needing face care from my most favorite place, The Body Shop, I tagged along. We went to the mall in Denver so I could get my goodies, which i over brought, but I always do. And then back to Castle Rock, went clothes hunting at Lane Bryant, another one of my favorite stores, and every shoe store they had. My mom has a conference this week and needed shoes, no luck finding any, but who doesn't love shopping for shoes. Then some coffee in the food court. They have the cutest downtown area and I got a few pictures there. It was so nice not to have the kids pulling and tugging on me, no begging for toys, no potty breaks and diapers. But all good things must come to an end. At home the kids had things everywhere, and hubby tried doing dishes (and put things in the dishwasher, that shouldn't). That's ok though, I had ALL of Monday to catch back up on my "chores" :)

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mZ E said...

*smile* Oh yes I am feeling those moments when there are no kidz around. U feel a lil lighter in your step because you don't have the extra weight of carrying your stuff along with "their" stuff! LOL! Yes ma'am!

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