Roses, hearts, chocolates and coughs....Happy Valentines day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers :) More craziness from the house of chaos. Conveniently, all three of my kiddos are home sick today, coughing, sneezing and fevers. I have never been a big V-Day person though (stems all the way back to middle/high school, long story). I don't expect flowers, candy or jewelry, not even a romantic dinner. I'm not a anti-lovers day, just think people should think of the ones they love and do special things for them any day, of any month, of any year. And my hubby does pretty well with that. I guess thats why I still don't mind if I just have the day with my kids and hubby.  But I did want to share so pretty cute/cool stuff I found this year :) First one was a bag of conversational hearts (pictured to the left). These hearts are so much better than the ones I grew up with, all lovey-dovery, mushing, kissey sayings. No these are quite cute with sayings like "Holla", "Rock Star" and "Text Me". The other awesomeous feature to these updated candies, is that fact they taste much better than the old chalky based version, oh and they SPARKLE! My kids love them, who wouldn't?!?!

My task today, other than being nurse, will be making brownies for hubby :) So far the last four, probably more, batches of them i have made, are not fully cooked all the way through :/ I have tried adjusting in every way possible and still no luck. But today I will WIN the brownie battle, and they will be fantabulous!

This past weekend has been a oober-rific....NOT! Thursday and Friday were the dreaded days of the viewing and funeral of my husband's Aunt Ingrid. The service was beautiful. I feel deeply for her daughter, I can't imagine how she must be feeling. Lots of us are fortunate enough to be with a loved one, or to know that their time is coming to an end soon, but not in this case. Her mother passed without warning, without time to say our good-byes and "I love you"s. But we hope that she may have passed without prolonged suffering, without the drawn out process of facing death, no poking or prodding from doctors, nor watching your loved ones see you past before their eyes. Sudden? Yes. Sad? No, thankful that she was able to go without suffering our typical "dieing days" rituals. It hurt to watch everyone go through seeing her be put in the ground,, brought back a lot of pain that I had thought I was able to put behind me from the last two deaths I just grieved over. I don't cry for the one who has left us, I cry for the pain of those you are left, I cry for the little girl who doesn't understand yet and will say in twenty years to her kids, "She died when I was very young".

Yesterday the kids at Matt's school put on a play of the "Princess and the Frog". It was wonderful and funny. He goes to a very small school, so there were few props and basic costumes, but they made up for all of that with the hilarious performance they put on. This month was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the school, it is a blessing that they still are going to this day. Before the play was started, we all sat down for a chili cook-off. Everyone made amazing chili and desserts (my fav part).

All in all this last weekend was much like a roller-coaster, and I'm glad it is finally over. Now for a busy week and hopefully healthier kids :)


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Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
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I hope they're feeling better ;)
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Hi there! following you from bloggy moms! Super cute blog :0


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