Block day and FB Love!

Yesterday was a busy day. Took both kids to school (Matt is much better) and then had a few errands to run, pick up Princess from school, headed over to my moms, then to target, clean kids' school, then home.  I'm exhausted just typing it all out. I was looking forward to today though, I only have one kiddo, I figured I'd have a good blog post to write. However, I am having major writers' block :( I got the house back in order, since having the kids home and not being home yesterday, it was pretty destroyed. I even sat down and searched through the daily posts on my FB wall, and still came up with nothing to post on here. Disappointed in myself not having anything fun to tell you about....

So since I have almost nothing to talk about, I decided to share with you a few of my most fav FB pages, companies, or people :)

I most fav is ......

Ton of Love Creations
Not only do I adored her handmade items (of which I own several), but she happens to be one of my best friends. Prices are fab and so is the quality of her items. So go check her out on FB and fall in love with her stuff. (She has a few news items coming out, too) You can also find her on Esty!

Next up is.....

Baskets from Africa
I own several of these baskets and LOVE them. Super durable, super flexible, and super versatile! However these baskets have not only a story, but a fab cause behind them. They are hand-made by women in Africa, they use the money from the sales of these baskets, to provide schools, healthcare and essentials to the tribe they live in! Another great thing about these, they are FAIR TRADE! So go check them out and get a basket for just about any use or any person :) Baskets from Africa 


Coupon Cutie

LOVE LOVE this page! I am a coupon freak and love finding great deals, and she has them all :)  Fan her on FB and follow her blog, The Coupon Cutie

More love.....

This girl has it all! All the right kitchen stuff anyway ;) But really she does and has it all! Check her group out and get all the latest updates on The Pampered Chef goodies, and lots of yummy recipes too. 

Life Thyme Botanicals is a family owned company committed to supplying high quality bulk herbs, spices teas and more. I believe in herb therapy as a first choice.  You can also check out her site  Life Thyme Botanicals 

This consultant, Krystyn, is personal friend of mine. I absolutely love Scentsy ! They have some of the best home fragrances out there. 

Dove Chocolate Discoveries
I'm not a part of any consultant team for Dove, or anything like that. However I LOVE Dove chocolate and this is a great company to be a consultant for. Great perks, great product and the best customer return rate :)

These girls do a FAB job on some wonderful military bags. They are super cute and usually personalize-able :)

This is just a FEW of my favs out there. I will continue to post more, and if you have a page (ours or something/one you love) let me know what it is and I will fan it and maybe, if I fall in love, will post here too :)


Denise said...

What a great idea! I may have to borrow this! I wanted to thank you for following my blog and I will do the same! Blog on!

greenTXmom said...

Super cute blog....I am a new follower from Bloggy Moms. :) Wwould love for you to follow back. http://southernfriedgreenmom.blogspot.com/
Staying Home and Staying Sane

Rebecka said...

Thanks for sharing my page! I posted the NEW Spring Product line on Cooking with Rebecka today!

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