FB Love Day is here again :)

YAY! More FB Love! I have met a ton of new people over the last week and I am super excited to introduce them to you too :)

First off is.....
I couldn't choose just one of these FANTABULOUS pages to go first, since both of them came to my aid, and passed my FB page around! Love you both for your assist :) 

The Knit Wit- Has the cutest cup cozies! You can also find her at her blog, The Knit Wit by Shair, and Twitter.

Twisted Vinyl has the best wall vinyls , check it out and get with the vinyl wall decor group now ;) Also can be found on their site.

Next up is Dawn Hecke~Independent Scentsy Consultant

Dawn is one of my new friends, and I love Scentsy! head on over to her FB page or her site and get a few smelleys (good smelleys)

Deal lovers this is one for you ! Get the best and latest deals and coupons   either on the FB page or on the site!
Another new friend

I love making new friends, especially when they do giveaway, reviews and freebies! Check them out on FB or on their blog!

Another new friend that is all about the deals! (Can you tell what kind of sites I like, lol) Go over check out the deals she finds , you can find her on FB or on her blog!

:) Seems like my favs this week are mostly giveaway and freebie blogs, hmmm......wonder why? :) Amazingly though they all have differant things and I love them for finding the good stuff for me. Check out Misty's on FB or on her blog!

Yes another deal seeker :) She helps you find the best deals out there. Visit her on FB or at her blog!

This new friend, writes about her goregous babies and the giggles and tears of their adventures. She just started her FB page, so head over and get her a few new fans, and visit her on her blog, too!

An online blogging book club! I'm a total book worm and don't have a local book club that I can join, so this is awesome! They have both a FB page and a blog!

"Ramblings of a SUPER MOM who has her hands in about 100 different projects"-  Pam, The Pink Mama.There is just no better way to put it :) Join her on FB and her blog!

LOL Another new friend and a great find. Love her writing, but when you have 6 kids, who doesn't have great things to write about. Please visit her on FB and on her blog!

Another giveaway and review site :) I am a little addicted to them, maybe ;) See what you can find on their FB page or their blog!
A fabulous place to find great recipes that are not just you typical mac and cheese! I get sooooo hungry every time I visit this blog :) You can too either over at FB or on the blog!

Last, but certainly not least, is

Now, they may not actually have a FB page, but I have been following this blog now for a little while, and have fallen in love with this little guy and his fam. Another mom who just loves her life, no matter how crazy it may get :) Give them a visit on their site, A Plummer's Life :)

That wraps up another FB Love Day! I do love sharing my friends, new and old, with all of you. Please let them know that I sent you over and if you would like to be featured on FB Love Day, please send me a email to 3crazykidsmom@gmail.com. 

*If you are or were featured in one of my FB Love Day posts, please feel free to grab the badge, to your right, to post on your blog or site :)


Shairbearg said...

WOW I love this! Thanks :)

PinkMama said...

Thank you so much! Wow, I'm on mentioned on someone else's blog...made my DAY! Love your blog too!


Shairbearg said...

I am a new gfc follower now too :)

Momma Needs Coffee said...

Thank you fr the shoutout!~
Have a great day!
Dawn Hecke

Jennyboo said...

this is so cool. Can u show love to The Tales of Two Latinas.? Our blog is not even a week old lol thanks

Crazy Mom Lori said...

Jennyboo: funny you should say that, I already have TTOTL on todays :)

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