FB Love Day

FB Love Day :) Below are listed some Facebook pages that I recently came across that  I LOVE! Some are fellow bloggers and others are creators that make some fabulous stuff right at home :) Visit them and fall in LOVE too :)

First up is....

This page has it all, giveaways, reviews, the hottest fashion tips, and she sells Thirty-one goodies :) Which I love :) Visit her on FB at NoNo's Odds n' Ends or head over to her blog 

These ladies just started out and they are SUPER funny and a blast to read. Head over to their FB page, The Tale of Two Latinas, or follow them on their blog!

This lady has wonderful info for moms and mom bloggers! Helpful tips to get your online venture going and so much more! Find her on FB, Colorado Springs Stay-at-Home Mom Examiner, or check her articles out over at The Examiner.

Tons of reviews and giveaways can be found here, and some humor :) Visit Pretty Opinionated on FB or on her blog

These 3 sisters are hilarious! They are a blast to read and follow. Some REAL moms and wives ;) Visit on FB, The Nutter Sisters and follow them on their blog!

Gorgeous designs for blogs, she does a wonderful job. You can get custom made designs and she has a few free blog items too! You can find her on both FB, Elegant Custom Blogs, and her site!

Another great find this week! Great reads and helpful tips on a variety of things and don't forget, RECIPES! Fall in love with her on FB, Mommy Nuggets, and on her blog!

 Ok, so I am a recipe junkie! :) But that means you don't have to dig for them, I do all the dirty work, like finding this FABULOUS site! Everything is super colorful right now with spring in swing, and these guys have tons of beautiful items. Go fall in love on FB, Tablespoon, and on their site

Schmooie's has some of the most beautiful jewelry I have seen! I found this "gem" through one of my first featured on FB Love Day favs (Ton of Love Creations' bags were used in Schmooie's photo shoot, and I fell in LOVE) I know what I am asking for for my bday ;) "Like" them on FB, Shimmering Schmooie's Jewelry, to keep up on their latest creations and you can purchase them over at Esty!
This is a friend of mine :) She is currently in Indiana so if you are in the area, check her out! She has beautiful cakes and delicious food for every occasion! She is on FB, Master Entertainment, there you can find all the info on how to contact her!

SUPER CUTE! Ok I am sucker for kid stuff :) and she does some of the cutest embroidery on kids shirts. She is on FB, Klotz Designs, and I think will have a site up soon :)

Another fellow blogger, well actually 2 :) These two families have fun and love to share :) Check them out over at FB, Legos in My Pocket, and over at their blog.

Well that is it for this FB Love Day! Hope you enjoy all the new "loves" on my computer :) I am always looking for new ones too, so if there is a FB page out there that you LOVE, send them to me so I can fall in LOVE too :) 


Nikki said...

How wonderful and sweet of you to include me!! Thank you so much!

Pretty Opinionated

Shimmering Schmooie's Jewelry said...

Thanks so much for including me in this! You definitely have a new fan and follower in me :)

Jennyboo said...

thanks so much from The Tales of Two Latinas :)

ThaiHoa said...

I Love the Nutter Sisters and will check out tablespoon.com

ThaiHoa said...

I Love the Nutter Sisters and will check out tablespoon.com

A Mom helping Moms said...

hi there...following u back from http://amomhelpingmoms.blogspot.com/
love ur blog!!!

The Nutter Sisters said...

I am so blown away by your kindness!! Thank you for including us! Just got back from volunteering at my son's school book fair and to my wonderful surprise found your kind post. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ Helen Nutter

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