Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Kairi!

My baby girl is now 4 years old! WOW, time flies by! I did make her doll cake, as promised. However before you all scroll down and have a good laugh at my "Princess Cake", let me remind you of a few very important points.
  1. This is the very first "fancy" cake I have EVER made!
  2. This is the first time I have EVER used a icing bag.
  3. It taste AWESOME!
  4. My daughter LOVED it! And that is all that matters :)
With that all said, you can scroll down and see the cake :) She had a wonderful birthday, and got fabulous gifts. From my parents and sister she got a super cute haircut, her ears pierced, temp tattoos, and a day of "girl time" with her Nana and Auntie Tina :) From my husbands side of the family she received, Strawberry Shortcake set (with lots of cute little pieces lol) and  a Disney Princess game set from her Uncle Mike. Her big brother got her a very cute pair of sandals (did I mention it snowed that night lol). Mommy and Daddy got her the DVD "Tangled" and a "Tangled" doll (which is in the cake).  Thank you all for her Birthday wishes! And remember we have another Birthday coming up May 6th! So I will be attempting a train cake for my youngest, he has recently "found" Thomas :)

To see the pictures Kairi took, head over to "In the Eye of KaiPi"


Anna said...

I think the cake look wonderful!! I am also looking for a theme for my daughter. She likes Dora, but that theme seems so overdone.

Lyric said...

The cake does look good...especially for a first try! You should be proud of yourself! Also, I think it's great your daughter has a fun little blog...maybe she'll grow up to be a reporter or writer!


Are You A Mom said...

Following you from the hop! Please stop by http://www.Areyouamom.com and say hi :)

Donna Mac said...

Just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check my site for the info!

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