Media veg-out Day!

Every now and again, you just need a veg-out day. Ours was yesterday. The temp never got any higher than 60 degrees and the wind was in the 40mph range. Swimming was out of the question, and our Monday library trip was postponed till today, daddy had to work :( So we turned on NetFlix , charged the hand-held video game and got the kid's computer games installed. It was kind of nice to not really do anything, we have been pretty busy this summer so far, with swimming, hiking, library visits, bbqs and evening walks. My oldest hadn't played his video games in quite awhile and so that was his main activity for the day and the princess got to watch old cartoons (old as in She-Ra!). My youngest however is not so easily entertained, he ran around the house and was his crazy little self :)

Sometimes the cold weather is just what we need. This last week I had been craving chili, which isn't always on the summer menu in our house. with the chilly weather blowing through, I got my chili last night! I make my chili a little different, the kids and hubby do not like beans :( I know, boo on them! So instead I put potatoes in my chili. It's so good that I almost prefer it over the traditional bean version, I said almost :) But the main thing is the kids will eat it and that's a big plus. Today though we will have better weather and more things to get done outside the house. Which I hope means the kids will go to bed a little earlier than they did last night :)

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