Summer Vacations!

Tis the time of year for vacations! Do you have any planned?? I have been surfing, from my couch, online, about some really great vacation spots. We won't be doing any vacationing this year, but it's always good to have ideas for years to come. There are so many places to go for summer trips, it's hard to just choose one. Where ever we decide to go next year, I want it to make sure the kids get some culture and learn some of that location's history.

Since we are staying home this summer, we have tons of summer activities and learning planned. Below are some of the crafts and such we will be doing over the next few months :) If you have any ideas or tips, please send them our way :)

A few of these ideas are from Lori over at Moms by Heart. She has a whole segment done of "Staycations", and I love pretty much all of them :)

Recycled Crayons

My oldest's first year of school was this last fall, and he came home with a ton of crayons broke and wore to a nub. This is a great idea and super fun for the kids. These she made with a pretzel mold, but you can use just about any mold you want. 

See the step-by-step directions HERE

Who doesn't like sticky, gooey goodness???

See the step-by-step directions HERE

Sandpaper Art

This looks like so much fun, I will have to find someone who actually owns an iron still :)

See the step-by-step directions HERE

There is a few to get you started! As I find more, I will post them, or if I get creative on my own (LOL) I will share those, too. 

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