"Who in the World? Wednesday!" Blog Hop

Wednesday, again?!? 

Welcome to "Who in the World? Wednesday" Blog hop. Your host are Chronicles of a crazy mom, The Coupon Cutie and Mommy Does. Don't forget to grab our button and share us, too, the more the merrier! 

Featured Host 6/8/11
Shari from The Knit Wit
A little about Shari: I am a SAHM Mother of 3 young boys, 4, 3 and 1, and started blogging because it looked like fun, and hey free stuff!  Then it turned into a fun business and it is a lot of hard work.  I do reviews, giveaways, tips on blogging, and whatever else comes up in our crazy life!  I have all kinds of fun things coming up on my blog, of events, and giveaways.  Also I have a linky page where you can link up on many different things!

Visit Shari by clicking the #49 link below :)

Chronicles of a crazy mom

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