Going Somewhere?

Many people this time of year, head out on vacation. Flying or driving hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles away from their home. As they enjoy themselves, splashing in the ocean, skiing in the powder of the mountains, or sharing meals with distant loved ones, their house, and all those personal items, are left behind, attended by a friend or neighbor. I usually leave my parents keys to come over and feed the cat, check the mail, etc.. But they have their own busy schedules to tend to, and so my home sits empty over night and through most of the day. Sound like you? What if you could have someone look over your house while you were gone 24/7?!? Even if you are not leaving town, but just heading to work, or a late night at a friends house? Even when you are home, to have the security of knowing someone is there to help at any hour? Well you can! Have you ever thought of getting a home security system? There is more than just simply alerting you to trespassers, your system can also alert you to smoke in your home. Leaving town? If your alarm is set off, the police are alerted immediately, and a warning signal is giving, which ultimately helps deter an intruder from proceeding into your home. When I think of leaving my kids with a sitter, or when they get old enough to stay home alone, what better way to make sure they are safer? 

Find out now how you can keep your home and family safer with a FREE system! Visit Home Security Rainbowcity. The systems now are wireless and make it much easier to secure your whole home.

Not vacationing this year? Neither are we :( But we keep the kids pretty busy with all the fun stuff to do right here at home. Some days though, it's nice to sit down and veg. Last summer we lived in a much warmer state, and spent more time indoors watching movies and cartoons. We had DIRECT TV, and it was a entertainment saver. We could record my shows, while the kids watched theirs. I could search for shows that were scheduled to show later in the week and either set a reminder or have it record. We always had something to watch. I still go over to my mom's house and use her DIRECT TV :)

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