Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks, food and family! These are three of my favorite things. My kids are finally getting to the ages where they can participate in more holiday activities, such as sparklers and grow worms. Last year my husband was gone in the Navy during July, and I'm not big on trying to juggle a 1 year old and two preschoolers around things that explode or large crowds. So instead of a loud and busy 4th, we did glow sticks and jewelry. They loved it! And it lasted much longer than any firecracker and could be enjoyed indoors. This year the kids are little older and hubby is home, I'm sure more "exciting" activities will be attempted :) But if you would like to try a alternative to sparklers and firecrackers, glow sticks are the way to go. (Or if you are under a Fire Warning, such as we are here in Colorado) I found most of mine at Wal-Mart and the dollar store. We got the sticks/wands, along with the necklaces and bracelets. Average price is about $1, so it makes it an affordable activity too! My Grandma Ann joined the fun too :)

So there are my "fireworks" and family from last year. Now for the food! Here are a few really neat things I found this year to make :) If I get to make them I will post pics on FB and you can do the same! Share with me your best creations on my Facebook Wall

Revolutionary Berries

"Not-your-typical Flag Cake"

Red, White & Blue Pound Cake

Stained Glass Jello
Star Spangled Chunky Chip Cookies

Spangled Sandwich Pops

Fruit Pop
I hope you all have a FABULOUS 4th of July! 

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