Martha Stewart

This guest post from Edgardo Rosa

I have a little bit of a problem thinking that I am capable of things that I am most definitely not. I am aware of this shortcoming, and I’m working on it. Case in point: I watch Martha Stewart holiday specials. I then attempt to recreate things that Martha makes on her show. This is not a good idea for me. I don’t possess the necessary skillset to make any of the food, for sure. I don’t possess the necessary patience for any of the crafts. And yet I continue to try. Last year Martha built large balls of glue that involved glitter…listen, I don’t know, but my large glitter glue ball did not turn out well. It was a gloppy mess, and my floor was covered in glitter for weeks. Hand stamping your own wrapping paper with pinecones and twigs from the yard? Great idea in theory I guess, but the tediousness of dipping pinecones and twigs in paint over and over to make one single sheet of wrapping paper is enough to make you crazy. I do know that from experience, in case you were wondering. I’m sure I’ll still tune in to the Martha Stewart specials on DIRECT TV this holiday season, but I won’t be attempting to replicate her crafty awesomeness.

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