Time to catch up!

Time has officially ran me over! Summer is half over and Christmas will be here before I know it. It's the getting older thing, isn't it?

Since so much time has past since the last time I wrote, I better catch you up on all the crazy things that have been going on. I should start from the last post made, however, I don't think, I know, not all of it is still in my brain. We will start with the beginning of 2013.

In January we had a bit of a hiccup in our daily lives, with a house fire, that pretty much destroyed most things we owned. A few rooms were in great condition, however we found out that the house (we were renting) was contaminated with asbestos. That did hinder us taking a lot with us, and we did not have the insurance coverage to pay for the cleaning. But in spite of all that, we bounced back rather quickly. Within a few weeks we were in another house, a very good family friend had her house coming vacant around the same time and were able to assume the lease. Kids missed no school and we are blessed that they are in a school that they had more support than we knew what to do with. I have said this more than 100 times- "In all the times of my life, THIS is the best time for this type of thing to happen." Most people would not see that in amidst of any 'disaster', finding the positive is the only thing keeping me 'sane'. Right now we have some of the most amazing people in our lives, both near and far, friends and family.

Now February thru May was pretty typical. School functions, birthday parties, get-to-gathers, etc.. It was the end of May, near school getting out, that we learned our lives would change again. Nothing bad :) we will be having baby #4 in January 2014!! That is news that I still am a little leery on being super excited.  Not that I don't love kids and love having them in the house, however....how can we afford another.....can I survive another pregnancy.....diapers! The further I get in this I'm sure the worries will subside and I will be oozing with excitement and joy....I hope.

My goal right now is to make it thru another 6 months, replenish baby things in my household and blog more. I have truly missed writing to you all and sharing things with you. I have had to turn several giveaways down and product testing due to my inactivity on my blog. So I vow to write a post at least every week. Post a recipe a few times a month, and keep you updated on the newest edition coming to our crazy family. Keep checking back and watching for awesome things to come.

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