Trying to catch up

Well again I was on hiatus. This time my days were filled with morning sickness and back pain. But after a long 9 months, we have a beautiful baby girl! On January 6th we welcomed Isabella Jean to our crazy chaotic family. She fits right in with the other crazies in the house already. My three older kids are so loving and extra helpful, usually too helpful. Kid #3, Parker, was very confused when she came out and was so small, he has been anticipating a toddler to come popping out, lol. Kairi automatically made Baby Izzy her new accessory, introducing her to everyone "this is MY baby sister, isn't she cute?", she won't be so cute when she is borrowing your clothes and boyfriends Kai. Our oldest, Matt, when asked what he wanted, a sister or brother, he responded with "just a plain baby". 

I am hoping that I will be able to keep everyone updated and in the loop better than I have been. I am excited to share more of our insane mishaps and adventures! I have picked up a few new 'hobbies' and such that I want to share, too. Keep an eye out for more posts and hopefully more reviews and giveaways. 


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