Happy New Year

Another year is coming to an end. And I have to say, THANK THE LORD! I am so over this year and the crazy it has brought on us. We've moved, changed the kids school and started new endeavors, all of which threw our organized chaos into a whirl wind. And don't get me started on the health curve balls and financial pits we dug. 

But here is to a new year, new stories, new adventures and new friends! I love what I started this year and I want to build on it. This new year I want my house to be clean everyday of the week 😂😂.  I want be more involved with school, and the craziness of PTO again! My health will get better and I'll make I keep up on it the best I can 😉. And I promise I will be sharing more of this with you guys this year! I have missed involving my readers and sharing with you the amazing things I find, the incredible people I meet and of course, letting you in on my family's insane days. 

So keep an eye out for more posts. I am planning a great year for us all, so make sure to check back often for giveaways and reviews, too! 

Thank you for all your continued support!! 

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