Review: Bam Bath Co. Bath Bombs

This review is my personal opinion of the products I tested for the stated company. I was not paid or compensated for this review. 

 First I want to tell you a little about this company and their products. Bam Bath Co. is a Colorado based company, which means it's local for me! It is ran by a young lady, who decided she needed to help her growing family with some sort of income. With starting her own company, she is able to stay home and still help provide financially to the home.  That is not an easy task! Through all the ups and downs, she has perserved and continued her mission. You can read all about her and her drive in the ABOUT US section of the website.  

On to the fun stuff...
6 pc Bath Bomb set

Rose Petal Bath Bomb
 Bam offers an array of bath products for everyone. The bath bombs are incredible! I purchased a few to try months ago, and have been hooked since. The product leaves you skin incredibly soft, and that is due to the essential oils that are added to each of them ( I will include ingredients at the end of post, and a link to Bam's site). And the aroma of each different one is just amazing. She uses true smells, not perfumey or overpowering, they have just the right amount of fragrance.

Lavender Shower Bar
I also grabbed a Shower Melt, peppermint of course, I used it one morning when I was suffering from a migraine. WOW! I could almost swear I threw peppermint sticks in my shower! Now currently the peppermint is out of season, but there are 3 more "flavors" and I'm sure as popularity grows, so will the selection.

KIDS! Yes she even carters to the kiddos. But DUH, she started this company to be able to stay home
Princess Bath Bomb
with her son, so he has given her some inspiration. And I bought my girls some bombs and they truly love the fizzing and color changing of the water. But the super cool part for them is the little prizes that are hidden inside! Rings, dinos, button pins, etc., she is constantly thinking of new things to add and keep bath time fun. However my boys, who are now 8 and 12, were actually jealous of their sisters, they wanted in on the bombs. She had me covered and made several Hero Bath Bombs, inspired by super heros!! These are not on her site, yet, but if you drop her a note over on Facebook and tell her that you want them, we can hope she brings them back!

And right now, when you head over to the Facebook page, Bam Bath Co., she is running a giveaway. All you have to do is LIKE the page, as soon as she reaches the goal of 500, she will giveaway product to a lucky winner.

Local people to Colorado- on the Bam Bath Co. site , there is a list of shows and events she will be selling at. Check it out, if she is near you, stop by and admire her products and aromas, oh and I won't have to tell you to buy, them sell themselves.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you this amazing company and product! I admire not only the young lady who does this, but I LOVE the products! There is some much that the ingredients can do, to find out more on them, head over to Bam Bath Co. Facebook page.

FAQ from The Bam Bath Co. site

What is in the bath bomb ingredients?
Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Epsom Salt, Skin Safe Colorant, Essential Oils, Organic Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,  Fragrance Oils
* some bath bombs contain glitters, sugar, and toys
Will the colored bath bombs stain me or my tub?
No! It will not stain you or your tub. However, certain colors could potentially leave an oily residue on the tub wall. Simply rinse off with warm water.  

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