Sport mom this semester.

Oh the joys of being a mommy, they do surpass the stress. I love watching each child with experiencing new things and try their hardest in those situations. And the journey of getting to where they will one day be on their own, is filled with amazement and wonder.......

 With that said...... Wow! It has been a long month of basketball practices and games! I truly do admire Lmnhead for trying so hard to learn the game, and the concept. But, my head hurts watching him. He is terrible, just being honest. The game moves faster than he can think, his coordination is non existent, and confidence is no where to be found. Despite his bumbling around the court and inability to catch (or pass) the ball, he keeps a positive outlook. He loves participating and plans to play next season. Why?!? Why doesn't he see he is the worst on the team and give up, fold, trade in his jersey?? (I know it sounds mean and harsh, but I am just as real with my kids as I am with you. I encourage honestly, not fictionously.) His team mates however are amazing, at both the game and the friendship. Lmnhead is truly blest to have such kids around and their parents! The season is coming to an end, and even though it ran my tired and constantly away from home, I'm sad to see it go. I really do hope that next season he is just as excited to participate as he was this year.

Next on the list of mom jobs, is soccer for KaiPi. This is will be her 3rd season, and she absolutely loves it! She isn't amazing at it, but tries her hardest and does well. I can only imagine what her team could become if we continue to have them all on the same team year after year. My only complaint for soccer seasons, it's outside in the cool, windy, wet weather. Spring and fall, at least here, is wet, windy and chilly for the entire time we have to be outside.

Well that's it for now, I will be back on asap and fill you in on the tournament and KaiPi's soccer junk. 

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