Just Weight - Week 3!

Week 3 has come and gone! This last week was Spring Break for my kids, and crazy :) for me. I know I over did a few days. Next week I will be weighing myself! So I guess I better not repeat this week of indulgence :) This journey, so far, has helped me see all the bad things I put in my body. As a result, I drink more water and make sure my food looks good :) I am still battling eating out of boredom and emotional eating, and I have BAD days. But all in all I think I am way more aware of what I am doing now. Like any weight loss journey, it takes time and next week we will see if any of this SEEing has helped my weight :) 

Head over to Just Weight and find out who's food is who's :)
Thank you all for being my support and keeping your eye on my diet :)

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Kelly L said...

I've been awful on my weight loss plan over the last couple of weeks.. I get a trigger and then I'm off! I am going on vacation to the east coast in July and my goal is to get fit enough to handle hours and hours of walking up hills etc... I got back on the horse today... praying that I don't tumble off again!
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ThaiHoa said...

I think that being aware is a key point.

ThaiHoa said...

I think that being aware is a key point.

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