Saturday Project...FINISHED!

This is my bench :) and was my Saturday project. My poor old bench has seen better days. It was given to me by my Mom and Dad in 2002, as a house warming/birthday gift. My husband and I had just moved into our first place of our own. It then was moved to the house we bought and then to Nebraska for two years and then back here to Colorado. Unfortunately it has spent it's life exposed to the elements. Nine years ago, I promised myself I would put a finish on it. That promise came true Saturday :) The process of taking all the pieces off, sanding them and staining, took me pretty much ALL day. And with some saw dust in my eyes, stainer in my hair and several splinters later, it's back together and looks great! I am feeling the soreness of all that sanding today and insult to injury, mother nature decided to SNOW last night. Let's hope the stain was totally dry before it did that and ruined all my hard work. Summer can not come fast enough. And my kids are super excited that they can now crawl up on my bench and not get slivers. I am proud of myself for finally getting this project done AND for doing it all for under $25!


Danielle said...

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Emily said...

Wow! Very nice job!

Single Unsingle said...

I like the new look. Kudos.

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