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YAY! It is here again! Time to share my love of some really great FB pages!
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A great blog to find mommy tips, great bargains and I think a few recipes :) Head over and visit her on Facebook and her blog site!

I love the these pendants! Hand stamped and jeweled! I typically don't wear much jewelry and what I do wear is pretty low key, and these are fantastic for people like me. They can be simple and be worn anytime, or have a jewel and fit for fancier things :) She just started her Facebook page, so let's help her get some new fans and you can see her beautiful items over at her blog.

I love this blog because she is so funny and has so many adventures. She also is a very versatile write, everything from daily life hiccups to informative topics involving day to day things. Find her on Facebook and over at her blog!

Cassie happens to be a very long time friend of mine :) And just started out her own 'buisness' with "It Works!" I haven't got to try this system out yet, but have heard fabulous things from people who have. When I start this, of course, I will be sharing with you my results. Show her some love and head to Facebook and to her personal sales page.

SUPER CUTE! Now only one of my kids really used a pacifier and thank goodness he just got broken of the habit :) But for those of you who still have  little ones that use them, these are adorable! They also have a ton of other things for your wee ones. They are on Facebook and you can order off their website

This page belongs to one of my good friends. Her mom was taken away early by a blood cancer. This page is dedicated to this fabulous woman and mom, Sheralynne, to help raise money and awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light The Night walk every September. This walk helps to raise awareness of blood cancers and helps to raise funds for blood cancer research.  Show your support on Facebook and head over to the team's site and learn how you can donate to this wonderful cause! Ton of Love Creations is also part of this and will be doing a online auction to raise money! 

I just came across this blog this week! And so far I LOVE it! She has a little bit of everything and a lot of fun. Visit her on Facebook and over at her blog!

Now this page is for a local business in Gladstone, Missouri. They have a ton of great kids' items at great prices. Right now they do not sell online :( maybe in the future :) but if you are in the area, you need t check them out. And they are currently only on Facebook 

Another amazing page that uses the power of the internet social networking to make a difference! They are also part of The Christmas Fairy. This page helps get kids in need the supplies they need for school. Visit them on Facebook to get all the details on how you can help.

Love, love, love these pieces! The hair 'bling' is my favorite. And the best part is they have something for everyone. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair clips and even things for little boys! Visit them on Facebook and at their site!

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Thank you so much for the FB love! I miss you so much!

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