Baby fever is in the air!

 WOW! There is a ton of people I know that are either prego, just had a baby, or want to have another! My three are plenty! A good friend of mine, a fellow blogger and mommy, has been talking about having another. She has two boys and badly wants a little girl. We have talking about the ups and downs of having a third and her heart is set on it, there is no changing her mind. :) I don't blame her really, I always wanted a girl and am glad she was my second. She is having a dilemma though, what should she name her baby girl? We where on this baby name site and found some really cute ones along with the meaning of them. My little girl's name is Kairi (KAH ee ree)  and I found out her name means Ocean Village! Kinda neat! If you have any suggestions for my friend for names, let me know! Also, she wants to know if anyone has used any of the techniques to ensure a certain sex of the baby and did it work?

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