Mommy Shower

"Don't you mean 'Baby Shower'?" NO! Mommy shower is correct. Since the baby hasn't come yet, we are going to shower MOM with gifts! And I'm sure you are asking yourself "Why all the baby/mommy talk?" :) No I'm not having anymore crazies! I am soooo done with having kids. I have a shower to plan for a friend of mine that is already a mom, but, could use some extras. So for the next few weeks I will be searching for the best/unique/fun/funky "Mommy Shower" ideas out there! And what better way to remember what I find, but to PIN in on my latest addiction, Pintrest! But I would love to hear from my amazing readers, their suggestions, ideas and experiences. So leave me a comment, send me an email, or post it on my Facebook page. And then when the shower is a total success and we have fabulous pictures, I will share with you all the fun time we had. 

So far I have found a few really cute ideas

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